Dedication of a 20 bed dormitory


Prayer Requests

Please Pray for:

  •  More “Well Wishers” to pray and support locally and internationally.
  • The need of 3 more staff members as we want to care for 60 elderly.
  • The website team at LifePointe Church as they are preparing Vuyiroli website.
  • Pray for the our elderly folk that they may be able to manage their old age complaints like dementia and other chronic problems.
  • Pray for our staff team Mrs. Lumina, Manager, Miss. Padmini, Nurse, Mrs. Rukkumani, Care Assistant, Mr. Selvaraj, Maintenance Staff, Mr. Dhana Sekaran, Administrative Staff and Mr. Rajkumar, Director.
  • Pray for our Board Members who lead the organization officially to fulfill the vision.
  • Pray for many key volunteers who work behind the organization to sustain well.

Health Care


Krishnaveni aged about 60 yrs, joined Vuyiroli Home after a serious travail period of time back at her home. She has been suffering by nervous break down for many years, but instead she volunteers herself to help in the kitchen cutting vegetables.

Lakshmi Case History

Lakshmi, aged about 50 yrs was sent out by her family especially by her brother due to poverty. She worked as a house maid until she had met with an accident. As she lost her walking ability, she was begging and living on the street. We counseled her about a new life in our Vuyiroli’s home. As she expressed her willingness, we rescued her from the street and gave her fresh bath, new cloths and food. She is now happy and spending a peaceful and dignified life at Vuyiroli Home.

Lakshmi was on the street

Lakshmi was on the street

Gave new cloth and well cared in Vuyiroli Home

Gave new cloth and well cared for in Vuyiroli Home

Photo Gallery

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