Mr. Shekar is a widower with two daughters, and he previously worked as an iron cutter. His children didn’t want to take care of him and left him alone. Corporation Mayar found him in the streets of Chennai and brought him to Vuyiroli in July 2010.


Mrs. Krishnaveni is a widow with a single daughter. While her husband was alive, he and other family members abused her. After his death, she was unable to bear it any longer, and so she left her home and started begging for food. Living on the streets with her nervous system disorder, which she had had for quite some time, she contemplated taking her own life. But God helped her through a Well Wisher who met her and brought her to Vuyiroli.


Mr. Subramani is unmarried. His family consists of brothers and sisters. He was a farmer until his age prevented him from doing so, and was left with no one to help. Helpline found him in a street in Chennai and brought him to Vuyiroli in March 2010.

Siva Kumar

Due to severe epilepsy from his childhood, he became handicapped. His family neglected him and he joined an orphanage in Mysore. Since he was badly treated in the orphanage he ran to Chennai and was living in Egmore railway station. Pastor Rajkumar found him brought him to Vuyiroli in April 2008.


Mr. Selvaraj comes from a very low income family, involved in illicit liquor selling. He is unmarried and was abandoned when he became paralyzed. He had no hope for his next meal as he was left all alone. He was found begging in the streets of North Chennai by a volunteer who brought him to Vuyiroli. After preliminary counseling he was admitted in July 2001 and was provided with shelter, food, clothes and medical treatment. He has been given physiotherapy and speech therapy. His condition is very stable now and is able to make paper covers using his left hand. He is a very joyful person and joins in the worship services regularly.

S. Radha

Mrs. S. Radha is a widow with three children, two sons and one daughter. Her husband was farmer and used to sell milk. After his death, she couldn’t work due to her age, but her children didn’t care for her.Through help of Well Wishers she came to Vuyiroli.


Mrs. Sendhamarai is a widow who has six children—two sons and four daughters—and her husband was an estate tea owner. As she aged she became unable to do any work, and her children didn’t take care of her. Help Line found her on a hospital foot path in Chennai and brought her to Vuyiroli.


Mrs. Singaramma is a widow with five children—three daughters and two sons—and her husband was a farmer. After the death of her husband her children and son-in-law took her estate, and didn’t care for her. She was unable to live with her family, but Helpline found her at the government hospital and brought her to Vuyiroli in March 2010.


Her father was a policeman and she had four brothers. After her father’s death she was physically ill and was abused by her relatives. She had to run away and ended up in Chennai, where she worked as a servant maid in the city. Due to her epilepsy, however, she was forced to leave the job. But with the help of volunteers she became a resident of Vuyiroli in the year 2002. She helps in the kitchen and with other co-residents who are in need.


Mr. Rasaiya was married and has one daughter, but his wife left him. He was a stone cutter in Thruvanamalai, and when he was no longer able to work no one cared for him. Corporation Mayar found him in the streets of Chennai and brought him to Vuyiroli in July 2010.


She has two daughters and came from a poor family. Her eldest daughter was taking care of her before Pastor Rajkumar welcomed her into Vuyiroli in January 2012.


Mrs. Nagamma is a widow with three daughters. She sold her house and helped her daughters get married, but they refused to take care for her. After much suffering, volunteers helped her come to Vuyiroli. She finds peace and helps the staff in many ways. She also joins the worship, praising God for what He has done in her life.


Mr. Mayan is a widower with a son and a daughter. He worked at Nestle before his age prevented him to do so. He came to Vuyiroli home in November 2011.


Mrs. Saroja was married and had a son. Her husband left her 5 years ago because of his mental health and her son died, leaving no one to take care of her. Mr. Kamaraj brought her to Vuyiroli home in February 2012.


Mrs. Radhabai is a widow with a single daughter who wouldn’t take care of her. However, through the help of Well Wishers she began residing at Vuyiroli in February 2009. She is very happy and helpful to the staff and other residents.


Mr. Mani never married and his parents have died. He is physically and mentally ill and can’t walk because of polio. From his childhood he has always had folded legs. Help Line found him and brought him to Vuyiroli home in December 2011.


Mrs. Shanthammal is a widow with a son and a daughter. Her husband was a gold merchant, but he left her at the age of 24 because of his mental illness. She worked as a tailor and overcame many struggles while caring for her son and daughter. However, when she became paralyzed, her children didn’t take care of her. Help Line brought her to Vuyiroli in December 2009.


Mr. Rathnaswamy was married with six children—three daughters and three sons—but his wife left him and his children didn’t take care of him. After a few years, he went to Bible College in Thiwallur where he fell down and fractured his left leg with left him unable to do anything and difficulty hearing. The principal of the college helped him come to Vuyiroli in May 2011.