Prayer Requests

Please Pray for:

  •  More “Well Wishers” to pray and support locally and internationally.
  • The need of 3 more staff members as we want to care for 60 elderly.
  • The website team at LifePointe Church as they are preparing Vuyiroli website.
  • Pray for the our elderly folk that they may be able to manage their old age complaints like dementia and other chronic problems.
  • Pray for our staff team Mrs. Lumina, Manager, Miss. Padmini, Nurse, Mrs. Rukkumani, Care Assistant, Mr. Selvaraj, Maintenance Staff, Mr. Dhana Sekaran, Administrative Staff and Mr. Rajkumar, Director.
  • Pray for our Board Members who lead the organization officially to fulfill the vision.
  • Pray for many key volunteers who work behind the organization to sustain well.

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